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With great care, comes great freedom

Muscle strength
  • Handwriting

  • Proper carrying of suitcases

  • Proper backpack use and strategies

  • Recovery from stroke

  • Chronic pain

  • Hand-eye coordination

You'll get specially customized programs that improve your ability to perform daily activities as well as workplace tasks. You'll get performance skills assessments with treatments as well as suggestions for proper training and equipment for home use and for support from family, friends, and home health aides.

Achieving independence in all areas of your life is helped by each individual’s physical well-being. The OT practitioners at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center address psychological, social, and environmental factors that may hinder your functioning in different ways. This is our unique approach to occupational therapy.

A Unique Approach to Occupational Therapy

Regain Your Independence, Regain Your Life

Occupational therapy can help improve many conditions and functions including:

  • Muscle coordination

  • Muscle strength

  • Muscle endurance

  • Motor control

  • Tendon injuries

  • Using steps and stairs

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Over 24 years of individualized treatments and specialized, hands-on therapies

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