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By Comprehensive PT Team, Mar 15 2019 04:00AM

Exercise is good for your mental and phyiscal health. It is good to workout at least 3x a week and maintain a healthy diet. Pick a regular part of your existing routine and switch it out for an active choice, as your body gets acclimated to your everyday life. Instead of taking the elevator, try climbing the flight of stairs to the next floor. Instead of parking close to the building, park farther away to get those extra steps in. When you feel stressed the article states activitiy right after the stressful moment could help to decrease the tension. The best thing to do is be active when you want to be lazy. Instead of laying or sitting on the couch, do pilates leg exercises or march in place.

Get moving! Small modifications to your everyday activities can add up.


By Comprehensive PT Team, Mar 4 2019 03:00PM

You only get one body and it is VERY important to keep yourself healthy. Physical therapy helps to get your body back in motion while managing pain. Exercise is important however having a balanced diet helps you feel better too! One diet might work for your family member or friend but not work for you.

Here is a short video on eating right for your lifestyle.

By Comprehensive PT Team, Feb 19 2019 05:39PM

Did you know physical therapy is GREAT for your joints, muscles, and heart? As physical therapists, we are trained to look at the whole picture not just to focus on your pain; all while helping you get back to your every day activities.

The link will give you some helpful tips on how to keep your heart healthy.

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